Friday, November 29, 2013

Holiday Furniture Assembly Tips

After Thanksgiving, there are only a few short weeks to get ready for the holidays in December. Cubix Services is a professional furniture assembly service NYC with many years of experience helping customers through the challenging process of assembling, taking apart or moving furniture. Our experts have compiled a list of holiday tips that can help you save time and keep with the seasons this winter.
  • Cubbies or small pine storage units can be festive and functional. Use these pieces of furniture for organizing your entry ways or even just to arrange ornaments and decorations in a given room.
  • Not every home has a built-in fireplace or mantle, but there are many electric fireplaces that serve as heaters as well as aesthetically pleasing holiday centerpieces.
  • Hanging displays such as garlands and ribbons are extremely popular holiday decorations, but having a place to hang them is not as easy as just stringing things from one side of the wall to another. Bookshelves, hanging pegs or even curtain rods can be great for this adornment.
Cubix Services is a furniture assembly service in NYC with years of experience assembling any type of piece or any model and brand. This winter, call us for an efficient and convenient holiday furniture assembly experience.

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