Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Furniture Assembly NYC

 furniture assembly nyc
If you have just bought furniture that needs to be assembled, Cubix Services is a professional company that provides furniture assembly in NYC. This includes both home furniture and office furniture, cubicles, as well as home theaters and sounds systems. Our trained technicians are familiar with many types of furniture and can properly assemble them.

If you need to decorate your new home, here are some tips for picking out furniture:

Be wary of sales. Many furniture stores are constantly having huge sales. You may wonder how they stay in business with all of these massive discounts. Many times the original prices are marked up well over cost. Also, never buy any thing with no money down. Interests rates will be astronomical.
Buy used. You can often find used furniture at much lower prices than brand new. Many times it is in very good condition. Check around on Craigslist or at estate sales.
Take your time. Always choose quality over quantity. If you can’t afford to furnish the entire house, get a couple things at a time. Cheap furniture will likely need to be replaced after a couple years while good furniture can for decades.

If you would like more information on NYC furniture assembly, contact Cubix Services.

Cubix Services Inc.
326 22nd Street
Brooklyn, NY 11215

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