Tuesday, October 29, 2013

NYC Office Furniture Assembly Done Easy

Businesses need furniture that can both impress customers and clients as well as serve the people working there down to the smallest need. Once you have the perfect furniture, there is still the question of putting it together correctly. Cubix Services offers office furniture assembly in NYC that can make the process of moving, expanding or simply upgrading easy, quick and affordable for your business.

Our comprehensive furniture assembly service in NYC can assist you with putting together some chairs and desks to completely installing new cubicles and partitions. Our experts can put together flat-pack furniture, cubicles, modular furniture and other types of items from any brand or design. When you rely on our service for your office furniture, you are getting efficiency and skill along with unparalleled customer service and industry-leading knowledge of the tools, steps and finesse required to correctly build and install office furniture.

Cubix Services will also mount flat screen TVs in your business to serve as monitors or presentation screens in conference rooms and offices. Our service will complete every task down to the smallest detail and leave you with the confidence that everything has been installed professionally, safely and reliably.

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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Home Furniture Assembly Help

Home furniture assembly in NYC can be as easy as picking up the phone when you get in touch with Cubix Services for assistance with Ikea, Target, Walmart and other furniture brands that require some do-it-yourself action. The furniture assembly experts at Cubix Services believe that you shouldn’t need a PhD in physics to put your couch together, so we provide comprehensive service to get your furniture put together right and built to last.

Lots of pre-fab furniture like the selection from Ikea can be ingenious for saving weight and saving materials, but expecting you to know how to build something with eight different sizes of screws and a single hex wrench can be absurd at times. You can always turn to Cubix Services and be assured that no matter how illogical the design may be we will give you a finished product that is exactly what was intended. There have been customers who have had the wrong instruction manual enclosed in the package, holes pre-drilled in the wrong places or pieces that wouldn't fit and every time our professionals have come through and delivered exceptional results.

For more information about home furniture assembly in NYC, contact Cubix Services today by calling 718-947-6959.

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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Get Professional Help Wall Mounting Your TV

Flat screen TVs have changed the layout of the modern home in a big way – the lightweight design and slim profile allow you to have an entire wall devoted to watching TV without worrying about taking up more than a few inches of the room. TV wall mount installation in NYC can be a tricky undertaking for homeowners to attempt by themselves, so the experts at Cubix Services have the training and expertise to professionally install your flat screen TV without any headache or hassle.

There are a number of factors to consider when you are attempting to mount your TV into the wall: the location of the wall studs is tricky and sometimes hard to distinguish without training, the wires and cables fed through the wall is a difficult process to do correctly and the anchoring procedure might leave you with a gaping hole in the drywall where you put too much weight on the wall itself. Do not leave these risks to chance, but instead hire the professionals at Cubix Services who can do all of the heavy lifting and installation for you and leave you with the simple job of watching your TV after we leave.

For more information about Cubix Services and our exceptional TV wall mount installation in NYC, contact us today at 718-947-6959.

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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Office Moving Tips

When it comes time for companies to relocate to another space, there are a lot of minute details that can have a large impact on the process. The professionals from Cubix Services have come up with some of the best office moving tips you will find in hopes that your next office move is streamlined and seamless.
You will always need to ask yourself how much room you will have in the new space and what it will look like. If you are moving from an interior office to a space with lots of windows, obviously pictures and posters will have to be moved or discarded so you are not moving more than you need. With any kind of moving, the trick is always to only take with you what you need.

Moving sensitive electronic equipment like computers and monitors can be a huge, painstaking hassle. This is one of the items that is best left to a professional office moving company, because they will have the training and equipment for safe and efficient moving. You will need the proper packaging for these items and you should keep cords and wires together with their items to cut down on time spent looking to-and-fro for what is needed.

Pack your essentials, but do not be afraid to throw away. If you cannot see yourself using the object in question, it is a good idea to get rid of it and move on. For most office supplies, it can always be easily replaced if you throw it out but find that you do need it.

Cubix Services offers professional cubicle assembly NYC and office moving in NYC to efficiently, conveniently and effectively help large corporations and small businesses move. Contact an expert today and find out how we can help you get started.

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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Arranging Apartment Furniture in NYC

Living in NYC, space is at an all-time premium. It seems the apartments keep getting smaller and the price per square foot keeps going up. This is why making the best of the living space you have is a keystone for making your place more of a home.

Make sure to measure – measure your room and the furniture you are planning on placing there or the things you already have. Finding out the area is tighter now will save you big in the long run. Seriously, you need to measure.
Decide what type of balance you would like your room to have – deciding whether or not you want a room to feel balance or not is completely up to you. Symmetry helps provide the room with a good balance and a sense of relaxation. Asymmetry creates more excitement in a room and can be visually appealing.
Use large spaces effectively – If you have a large open floor plan, it is possible to create two separate living spaces. No, this doesn't mean building a divider. By simply arranging your furniture around two different points will give you this effect. For example: Placing a couch in front of the TV at the far end of the room and having another couch or group of chairs placed around a coffee table in the middle of the room. Make sure to not obstruct a path though.

Assembling your furniture can be another headache that you have to deal with in NYC. There are companies out there, such as Cubix Services, that specialize in NYC furniture assembly. These companies will come to your home and assemble any furniture that requires it. This can be very helpful with your hectic schedule.

I hope this article has helped you and created a better understanding of how to improve your living space in NYC. If you have any questions about the NYC furniture assembly services that I mentioned about, call Cubix Services today and speak with one of their specialists.

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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Tips For Moving Large Furniture

When you are moving furniture from one place to another, the size and weight of the object in question can turn a small job into a huge hassle. Cubix Services specializes in furniture assembly NYC and professional furniture moving services in New York City, and we understand where you are coming from. For our customers, we believe it is important to tackle a moving job the right way, and we have published a few moving tips that will make this task easier on you:
  • Take everything out of cabinets, drawers and other openings – and take the drawers out of dressers and desks. This will not only make things easier to lift but will reduce the change of something dropping or breaking during the move.
  • Push, pull, and slide rather than lift. If you have towels or cardboard handy, this can make the process of moving things much easier. Blankets can make this easy on wood floors so that you only need to perform a minimal amount of work.
  • If you have a hand truck or roller handy, use leverage as much as possible so that the equipment is taking the weight.
  • It is always recommended that you move heavy and large objects with someone else.

Cubix Services are experts in the field of furniture assembly and disassembly in NYC, and we are always willing to help when you have a moving job that is too much for you to handle on your own. To learn more about proper moving technique, speak with an expert of furniture assembly NYC today by calling 718-947-6959.

Look here to find valuable pointers about putting furniture together.

Home Theater Assembly NYC

If you have ever purchased a home theater, you know how complicated all of the wires and cables can be. You have to make sure that each wire is properly connected to the right inputs and outputs to get the highest audio and video quality. That can be exhausting. You do not have time for all of that stress and hassle. That is what Cubix Services is for. We can come to your home or business and provide you with home theater assembly in NYC.

Our highly skilled and experienced technicians know how to properly assemble home theaters in NYC. This includes wall mounting. Cubix Services provides professional assembly for all types of furniture. Some of the many services that we provide include:

  • Office furniture assembly
  • Cubicle assembly
  • Flat pack assembly
  • Commercial TV wall mounting
  • Small business assembly
  • Workstation assembly
  • Home furniture assembly
  • Wall unit assembly
  • Home theater installation
  • Sofa assembly
  • TV wall mounting
  • Modular furniture assembly

We can have any piece of furniture assembled quickly and properly. If you would like more information on home theater assembly NYC, call Cubix Services at 718-947-6959.

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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Great Furniture Assembly Tips

Cubix Services offers unparalleled furniture assembly in NYC for any brand or piece of furniture you need, and our experts have experience with putting just about everything together. We have decided to help our customers tackle the daunting task of putting some different kinds of furniture together with these simple furniture assembly tips. When you are faced with a difficult furniture assembly in NYC, do not hesitate to contact the experts at Cubix Services for help.
  • Get an electric screwdriver – this tool is useful for just about every household repair you might encounter, but can save you tiresome and time consuming manual screwing work when you are attempting to assemble furniture in NYC.
  • Count out the pieces you are using and sort them – losing pieces is a headache everyone can do without when building furniture, so by organizing them you can make sure to have what you need, when you need it, where you need it. This is especially useful with visually-oriented directions.
  • Have a clear, open space to work in – do not try to cram your furniture into a small area when you are doing your furniture assembly in NYC. By clearing out a space, you will be able to go from start to finish without relocating to being forced to stuff yourself and the piece into a cramped area.
  • Work with a buddy – have someone to help. If you are working on something heavy or large, you never want to be alone in case of an accident. Not only can another person help make the work quick and enjoyable, but you will be safer when assembling your furniture in NYC.

There is an easy alternative to taking on the intimidating task of furniture assembly in NYC: call Cubix Services and receive a professional furniture assembly service that is efficient and convenient. To speak with an expert, call us today at 718-947-6959.