Friday, November 29, 2013

Holiday Furniture Assembly Tips

After Thanksgiving, there are only a few short weeks to get ready for the holidays in December. Cubix Services is a professional furniture assembly service NYC with many years of experience helping customers through the challenging process of assembling, taking apart or moving furniture. Our experts have compiled a list of holiday tips that can help you save time and keep with the seasons this winter.
  • Cubbies or small pine storage units can be festive and functional. Use these pieces of furniture for organizing your entry ways or even just to arrange ornaments and decorations in a given room.
  • Not every home has a built-in fireplace or mantle, but there are many electric fireplaces that serve as heaters as well as aesthetically pleasing holiday centerpieces.
  • Hanging displays such as garlands and ribbons are extremely popular holiday decorations, but having a place to hang them is not as easy as just stringing things from one side of the wall to another. Bookshelves, hanging pegs or even curtain rods can be great for this adornment.
Cubix Services is a furniture assembly service in NYC with years of experience assembling any type of piece or any model and brand. This winter, call us for an efficient and convenient holiday furniture assembly experience.

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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Cubix Services can get your Furniture Ready for the Holidays

Thanksgiving is coming up fast and for some of us that means having lost of relatives and friends over for a few days. If you decided that now is the time to upgrade some furniture or re-arrange your setup before you are swamped with people, chances are you also won’t have time to put all that furniture together in time. Cubix Services offers professional furniture assembly in NYC that is efficient, convenient and affordable.

Our staff is knowledgeable about furniture assembly for any brand or type of item, and we can make this project easy for you and allow you to kick back and relax or spend more time focusing on getting things ready. We specialize in furniture assembly, disassembly, TV wall mounting and various other necessary services that help people be organized, efficient and save time on this time-consuming and aggravating task.

For more information about furniture assembly in NYC or to see how Cubix Services can help you, contact us today by calling 718-947-6959. You can also watch our short video and see for yourself why Cubix Services is the right choice.

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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Furniture Assembly NYC

This past Monday, police officers in Sweden were called by neighbors for a case of domestic disturbance at 1am. When they arrived at the to the couple’s home, it turned out that they were not screaming at each other. They were simply extremely frustrated and aggravated over Ikea furniture installation.

Furniture instructions can be terse and complicated. If you are having difficulty assembly Ikea furniture, do not let this happen to you. Cubix Services is a professional company that provides furniture assembly in NYC. We will come to your home or business and assemble them for you. Our technicians have a lot of experience with many types of furniture and can easily put it together.

Cubix Services offers a wide variety of installation services, including:

  • Office furniture assembly
  • Flat pack assembly
  • Commercial TV wall mounting
  • Small business assembly
  • Workstation assembly
  • Home furniture assembly
  • Wall unit assembly
  • Home theater installation
  • Sofa assembly
  • TV wall mounting
  • Modular furniture assembly

If you need help with any type of NYC furniture assembly, do not hesitate to contact Cubix Services. We work at any hours that are convenient to you.

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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Furniture Assembly NYC

 furniture assembly nyc
If you have just bought furniture that needs to be assembled, Cubix Services is a professional company that provides furniture assembly in NYC. This includes both home furniture and office furniture, cubicles, as well as home theaters and sounds systems. Our trained technicians are familiar with many types of furniture and can properly assemble them.

If you need to decorate your new home, here are some tips for picking out furniture:

Be wary of sales. Many furniture stores are constantly having huge sales. You may wonder how they stay in business with all of these massive discounts. Many times the original prices are marked up well over cost. Also, never buy any thing with no money down. Interests rates will be astronomical.
Buy used. You can often find used furniture at much lower prices than brand new. Many times it is in very good condition. Check around on Craigslist or at estate sales.
Take your time. Always choose quality over quantity. If you can’t afford to furnish the entire house, get a couple things at a time. Cheap furniture will likely need to be replaced after a couple years while good furniture can for decades.

If you would like more information on NYC furniture assembly, contact Cubix Services.

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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

NYC Furniture Installation

Have you ever bought flat pack furniture from Ikea and had trouble assembling everything? It happens to everybody. If you do not feel like dealing with these hassles, Cubix Services is a professional company that can provide NYC furniture installation for you. We work in both residences and businesses where we also perform cubicle assembly.

If you have trouble assembling furniture, here are some tips:

  • Make room to work. It will be difficult if you are cramped. Before you even begin to assemble the furniture, make sure you have enough space to spread everything out.
  • Take inventory. Spread out all of your pieces and make sure that everything is there. 
  • Plan ahead. Make sure that you have ample space to insert your new furniture when it is assembled. It will be more difficult to rearrange the furniture after completion.
  • Use your own tools. The tools that come with the furniture are small and can make assembly more difficult. You can purchase cheap tools like electric drills that can make the process infinitely quicker.

Hopefully these tips can help you. If you would rather not deal with these problems, contact Cubix Services for more information on furniture installation in NYC.

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